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Don’t Discount It or Do It Until You Read This

NEWS WIRE: Award Winning Cosmetic Surgeon Breaks Rank. Cosmetic Surgeon extraordinaire, Dr. James Barber, has broken ranks with doctors in his field and tells all about virtually every cosmetic procedure in an extensive new video series-A move that better educates patients and saves them money.

"Good Looks"—we all want it and are attracted to it! There’s no escaping the fact that we live in a world that is obsessed with good looks! And the desire to look good has moved beyond just buying nice clothes, dieting, tanning, and regular trips to the hair stylist! Cosmetic enhancement as a means to improve looks has become tremendously popular as well as evidenced by the over 10 million cosmetic enhancements done just in 2008!

Why has cosmetic enhancement become so popular? Because for the first time in history, we live in a world that possesses medical knowledge and technology that can alter image deficiencies, enhance and sustain good looks, and repair damages caused by accidents or even just the natural course of aging!

For the first time in history, you do not have to be satisfied with your looks or be resolved to “grow old gracefully”! For the first time in history, you really do have an alternative—cosmetic enhancement!!

What used to be reserved for the elite or the injured is today being embraced by the masses worldwide! In the U.S. alone, spending on cosmetic enhancement increased to almost $12 billion in 2008—a whopping 59% increase since 2000! Is a cosmetic enhancement in your future?

Is a cosmetic enhancement in your future?

I’m Offering You a Better, Easier, and Cheaper Way To Decide!

Better than a rushed 15 minute fact-finding doctor’s appointment!

Better because I explain everything and withhold nothing!

Better because you can educate yourself before you pick or pay a doctor!

Better because I can help you locate a qualified doctor in your area!

Easier than a day consuming doctor’s appointment!

Easier to learn your options in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Easier to view on your schedule and review as often as you like!

Cheaper (MUCH CHEAPER) than a 15 minute fact-finding doctor’s appointment!

So, if you’re still thinking, “Is this for me?”, I can help you answer that right now…

If You Answer "YES" To Any of These Questions,
My Tell-All Video Series Is For You...
Check Do you want to learn how to improve your looks?
Check Do you want to learn how to look better in your clothes?
Check Do you want to learn how to get people to notice you?
Check Do you want to learn how to regain your youthful looks?
Check Do you want to learn how to improve your sex life?
Check Do you want to learn how to look younger longer?
Check Do you want to learn how to look sexier?
Check Do you want to learn how to improve sun damaged skin?
Check Do you want to learn about all of the cosmetic procedure options?
Check Do you want to learn how to get rid of age spots and wrinkles?
Check Are you curious as to how a particular cosmetic procedure is done?
Check Are you curious about risks and dangers of cosmetic surgery?
Check Are you curious about costs associated with cosmetic surgery?
Check Are you curious if you qualify for a particular cosmetic procedure?
Check Are you confused by the different answers and opinions found online about cosmetic procedures?
Check Are you concerned about finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon?
Check Are you afraid to make a doctor’s appointment just to get your questions answered?
Check Are you nervous about asking personal cosmetic surgery questions?
Check Do you wish you could learn about cosmetic surgery from a qualified doctor without going to a doctor’s office?

Learning All Your Options And Getting All The Facts Use To Be Challenging, Inconvenient, And Expensive!

But Thanks To My Tell-All Series Things Have Changed!!

Finally, you don’t have to make an appointment with a cosmetic specialist to investigate the possibilities cosmetic enhancement holds for you!

Now there is a much better, easier, and cheaper way to learn all about today’s cosmetic procedures. No stress, no rush, no pressure, no embarrassment, and no doctor withheld facts or options! Every option for every body part explained in detail for your consideration in the privacy of your own home!

The Old Way to Learn Your Options:
…15 to 20 Minutes for $100 To $150!

Old Way Consultation
Check Mark Predetermined Appointment Length!
Check Mark Rushed Question & Answer Time!
Check Mark Limited # of Options Explained!
Check Mark Limited # of Facts Revealed!
Check Mark Little or No Time for Review!
Check Mark No Time for Contemplation!
The New Way to Learn Your Options:
...As Long As You Need For Way Less $$!

New Way Consultation
Check Mark No Time Constraints!
Check Mark Answers for ALL of Your Questions!
Check Mark Learn All of The Options!
Check Mark Learn All of the Facts!
Check Mark Review as Desired!
Check Mark Time for Contemplation!

If you are even the least bit interested in—or curious about—any of today's cosmetic enhancement options, my tell-all package is a great investment...
Check It will cost you considerably less than a doctor’s appointment for a 15 to 20 minute consult;
Check Unlike a Web search, it will provide only complete, comprehensive, and reliable information from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon;
Check And, it contains infinitely more information than any doctor/patient consult could ever provide!
My Cosmetic Surgery "Tell-All Video Series" provides over THREE HOURS of Valuable Information--with an easy to follow index that lets you quickly zero in on the procedures that interest you--in a first-of-its-kind Doctor/Patient consult format that takes place in the privacy of your own home!

...That's more Information than TWELVE in-office Doctor/Patient consults can provide—Twelve consults that would cost you $1,200 to $1,800 or more!

...AND, You get it all for a lot less than you’ll spend for just ONE 15-minute doctor’s appointment— So don’t book your first doctor’s appointment prematurely...

Check Learn ALL of the Options — not just the ones a particular doctor may recommend! Doctors recommend what they’re comfortable doing. Don’t limit your choices to the "talents" of the doctor you happened to pick!

Check Learn ALL of The Facts About Every Procedure! Don’t rely on just the information and answers to your questions that can be stuffed into a very short 15 to 20 minute pre-surgery Doctor/Patient consult;

Check Learn How To Pick A Qualified Doctor! Your results will only be as good as the doctor you choose—I help you take the guesswork out of that choice. Yes—unfortunately, there are bad surgeons out there; and I help you avoid them;

Check Become an Educated Consumer! Don’t rely on a short but pricey Doctor/Patient consult as an information gathering session! This is an important decision, so you owe it to yourself to know the facts before you shell out the money to see a doctor. Know the facts, and it can make your first doctor’s appointment an interview to see if you like what he/she has to offer instead of a rushed fact-finding session for you!

No Doctor Could Possibly Spend The Time Necessary One-on-One
With A Patient To Explain All That Is Covered In This
First-of-its-Kind Tell-All Package!
Cosmetic Surgery Tell-All
Order Now
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In this first-of-its-kind tell-all video series, I talk in detail about all of the most common body parts people most want to improve—and the type of improvements that can be made on each...
Check Breasts: Increase or reduce the size of breasts or reshape sagging breasts;
Check Ears: Reduce the size of large ears or set protruding ears;
Check Eyes: Correct drooping upper eyelids or remove puffy bags below the eyes;
Check Face: Remove facial wrinkles, creases or acne scars;
Check Hair: Fill in balding areas with one's own hair;
Check Nose: Change the shape of the nose;
Check Tummy: Flatten the abdomen.

Depending on the patient and the desired result, Cosmetic Surgeons and patients have numerous procedures available to choose from; and in my tell-all video series, I explain each in detail. Take a look at this list and what each accomplishes, and you’ll see what I mean by "the options are many"!
Check Abdominoplasty – Learn how a "tummy tuck" can get rid of excess skin and fat on your tummy;
Check Abdominal Etching – Learn how this procedure can give you a flatter, tighter stomach, with stronger muscle definition;
Check Breast Augmentation – Learn how this procedure is changing the shape of the world and can change your world, too;
Check Breast implants - Learn about implant choices, placements, incisions, side effects, and much more;
Check Breast lifts – Learn about breast lift options with or without breast implants;
Check Breast Reductions – Learn about the various breast reduction options and the benefits of each;
Check Laser Bra – Learn how this procedure can provide strong internal support to lift the breasts and maintain a firm and appealing position;
Check Nipple Surgery – Learn how this procedure can improve nipple size and appearance;
Check Botox Injections – Learn how this #1 cosmetic treatment can help give you a temporary facelift;
Check Brow Lift – Learn how this procedure can eliminate unwanted furrows and deep forehead lines;
Check Face Lifts – Learn how this popular procedure is done and how it makes you look years younger;
WAIT! There’s more—much more...

In addition to dealing with the popular cosmetic procedures, I also provide you the inside scoop on a host of other procedures such as, but not limited to...
Check Adult Acne – Learn how to get rid of it for good;
Check Body Contouring – Learn numerous body-shaping and contouring options;
Check Body Lifts – Learn how this procedure can improve the appearance of your abdomen, thighs and buttocks;
Check Cellulite Removal – Learn how you can get rid of unwanted trapped fat;
Check Chemical Peel – Learn how this popular treatment can reverse the evidence of aging on your face;
Check Chin Surgery – Learn how chin surgery can give you a more balanced facial appearance;
Check Collagen Injections – Learn how this procedure can help erase your frown lines, "crow’s feet", and smile lines;
Check Ear Surgery – Learn how ear surgery can correct protruding ears or deformed or enlarged earlobes;
Check Eyelid Surgery – Learn how this procedure can improve droopy eyes and eyelids;
Check Fat Transfers – Learn how fat transfers can improve sunken eyes and indented scars;
Check Laser Hair Removal – Learn how to get rid of the tedium, frequency, expense, and pain of constantly getting rid of your unwanted hair;
Check Laser Scar Removal – Learn how this procedure can reduce the appearance of scars by 50 to 80%;
Check Laser Skin Resurfacing – Learn how this popular procedure can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and discolored skin;
Check Laser Tattoo Removal – Learn how lasers can be used to remove unwanted tattoos;
Check Lip Augmentation – Learn how this procedure can magnify your lips;
Check Liposuction – Learn how this routine cosmetic surgery can remove small and large quantities of unwanted fat;
Check Microdermabrasion – Learn how this popular skin treatment can improve effects of aging and sun exposure;
Check Micropigmentation – Learn how this permanent makeup can enhance facial features such as eyebrows, lashes, and lips;
Check Neck Lift – Learn how a neck lift can give you a taut, supple, and a relatively line-free neck;
Check Nose Surgery – Learn how this procedure can make subtle aesthetic changes to your nose;
Check Panniculectomy – Learn how surgery can remove hanging fat and skin;
Check Retin-A – Learn how this 30-year-old treatment still produces remarkable results treating acne;
Check Rhinoplasty – Learn how this nose-reshaping surgery can correct deformities and/or improve appearance;
Check Spider Veins – Learn how to remove those unwanted and unsightly veins;
Check Stretch Marks – Learn how stretch marks that don’t fade over time can be greatly reduced;
Check Thermage – Learn how this non-surgical skin-tightening procedure can help you look more youthful.
As you can see—with all of the specialized Cosmetic Procedures available today, there’s no reason to be satisfied with the status quo with regards to your looks, nor is there a reason to grow old gracefully!
My Patients Call Them "M&Ms"!

They’re not miracle cures, but they certainly do work temporary miracles in reversing the effects of aging and sun damaged skin!

So much so that some of my patients have taken to calling them "M&Ms" for "mini miracles" or "modern miracles"!

No discussion on cosmetic enhancement would be complete without going into detail about these "M&Ms" or what are better know as cosmetic fillers, popular today for fighting back the effects of aging and sun damage.
Check Artefill – Learn how this FDA approved filler can remove your smile lines;
Check Fat Fillers – Learn how fat fillers can improve hollow cheeks, thin lips, and aging forehead, eyes and scars;
Check Juvederm – Learn how this FDA approved filler can treat moderate or severe facial wrinkles and folds;
Check Radiesse – Learn how this non-toxic, non-allergenic filler can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin folds around the mouth and nose;
Check Restylane – Learn why this filler is the growing favorite for smoothing wrinkles, sculpting lips, and improving other facial features.
Check Perlane – Learn how this cosmetic dermal filler can be used to soften wrinkles and facial lines, and why it’s also a popular filler for lip augmentation, facial depressions, and facial scarring.
Today’s long list of cosmetic enhancement procedures and products can help you look great right now and for years to come!

Choosing a good surgeon is important because the results are only as good as the surgeon that performs the procedure!

So, as a bonus (This alone is worth the price of the entire package!), I’ll even help you find a qualified Cosmetic Surgeon in your area!

Unfortunately, today, qualified surgeons are mixed in with lots of others who, to put it politely, are far less qualified! I’ll help you know the difference!

Let me give you a little quiz as an example...
Check Did you know that Cosmetic Surgeons do not have to be Board Certified and are not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties that oversees all medical specialties?
Check Did you know that pretty much any doctor—even one with little or no surgical training—can label himself or herself a Cosmetic Surgeon because there’s no mandatory oversight board approval needed for Cosmetic Surgery?
Check Did you know that Cosmetic Surgeons are not the same as Plastic Surgeons?
Check Did you know that Plastic Surgeons are highly skilled and must have their skills Board Certified before they can practice whereas Cosmetic Surgeons don’t?
Check Did you know that Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who also practice Cosmetic Surgery like me have the highest degree of medical and surgical training and therefore can produce the best results?
If you don’t know the facts, it’s easy to be misled by a fancy website, a TV or print ad, or even a smooth-talking doctor! I’ll help guide you through that jungle!



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I’m not offering just a video series and some books here! I’m offering you the ability to thoroughly investigate your options with regard to cosmetic improvements and enhancements so you can look your best and enjoy life to its fullest!

What I’m really offering is to open the door for you so you can enhance your looks, improve self-confidence, raise your self-esteem, increase your visibility (People will notice!), better your relationships, and even enjoy better sex!

Every one of those benefits are documented by-products of cosmetic enhancement!

But to get the benefits, you have to first get the facts!

You can go to the "Yellow Pages" and hope you land on a good doctor, and then you can pay that doctor $100 to $150 for 15 or 20 minutes of information...

Or you can spend significantly less to get my Tell-all Package, and that includes a FREE Bonus designed to help remove the risk involved with choosing a qualified doctor!

Place Your Risk Free Order Now and Get Instant Access!

Here’s to your good looks!

James Barber
James J. Barber, M.D.
P.S. Oh… I almost forget! I have a surprise for those who order—hundreds of dollars in FREE bonuses!! And, if you don’t agree with me that my Tell-all Series is worth triple the price or more you can get 100% of your money back within 60 days—absolutely no questioned asked—and you can keep all of the bonuses!!

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