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Award-winning Plastic Surgeon Breaks Ranks and Tells All About Cosmetic Surgery

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. James J. Barber, Consumer’s Research Council of America’s Top Surgeon in America, Spira Award for Excellence in Creativity of Plastic Surgery recipient, and one-time Honorary Co-Chairman of the Physicians’ Advisory Board for the Congressional Committee on Health, Medicine, and Medical Affairs has "pulled back the curtain" on cosmetic surgery for the general public.

Pittsburgh, PA April 18, 2009 -- Dr. James J. Barber, Award-winning Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, has broken ranks with doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery, a field that relies primarily on short office appointments to educate potential patients, and tells all about virtually every cosmetic procedure in an extensive new video series, "Face Lifts, Breast Jobs, & Tummy Tucks".

This video series reveals the details behind nearly every cosmetic surgery procedure available today in a doctor/patient consult format that can now, thanks to this first-of-its-kind series, take place in the privacy of the viewer’s home. The video series also comes with a complimentary matching audio series and book containing indexed transcripts of each video complete with FAQs, personal note sections, and a cosmetic surgery glossary. Until the release of this video series and its accompanying materials, cosmetic surgery references of this nature, this voluminous, and this comprehensive were unavailable to the general public.

"What used to be reserved for the rich or the injured has now become mainstream (referring to cosmetic surgery)," commented Dr. Barber, "yet there are still legions of people worldwide who are curious about the possibilities cosmetic surgery holds for them but not serious enough yet to make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon. This video series is for them, as well as all contemplating cosmetic surgery. It’s about education and knowing about all of your options."

Procedure options presented patients are all too often restricted by the doctor’s time and personal preference governed by supplier relationships and his/her level of expertise. It’s no secret doctors are constrained by time; and what is less obvious but no less a fact is that doctors are also greatly influenced by suppliers, and their own talents and expertise.

For example, where a particular doctor may choose to only inform his/her patient about Restylane for removing facial lines, in his video series, Dr. Barber discusses all of the fillers available for removing facial lines like Artefill, Fat Fillers, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane.

This video series eliminates the time, talent, preference, and supplier relationship factors and presents all options without bias for the viewer to consider before consulting a doctor.

This video series is ideal for those:
  • Desiring to learn about all of today’s cosmetic surgery procedures;
  • Considering Cosmetic Surgery in the future;
  • Curious about how Cosmetic Surgery can help them;
  • Embarrassed to make a doctor’s appointment to get their questions answered;
  • Unwilling to settle for a short doctor’s appointment to try to learn all of the options and the details of each.

The "Face Lifts, Breast Jobs, & Tummy Tucks" video series by Dr. James Barber is now available online. To learn more about or order this video series, visit www.CosmeticSurgeryTellall.com.

About James J. Barber, M.D.

Dr. James J. Barber’s Award-winning career started by graduating medical school a full year early with the highest grade average in his graduating class followed by residencies at world renowned hospitals like Hollywood’s Cedars Sinai Medical Center , University of Texas, and famed MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, after which he returned home to his home state of Pennsylvania to establish his practice with multiple offices in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Dr. Barber’s 30-year career of striving for excellence resulted in accolades such as being named Consumer’s Research Council of America’s Top Surgeon in America, the Spira Award for Excellence in Creativity of Plastic Surgery, and Honorary Co-Chairman of the Physicians’ Advisory Board for the Congressional Committee on Health, Medicine, and Medical Affairs to name a few. Dr. Barber is a member of: The American Medical Association, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Longevity Institute International, Pittsburgh Plastic Surgery Society, Allegheny County Medical Society, Pennsylvania Medical Society, and the Chancellor’s Circle at the University of Pittsburgh.
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